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Signed Sports Jersey Framing - HTX Frames

Updated: Jul 22, 2023

Do you have a signed sports jersey tucked away in your closet collecting dust? Show off your team spirit and get it framed!

Framing a signed jersey has many benefits. Not only do you get to display your jersey in a stylish way, framing a jersey protects the jersey from being damaged. A signed jersey is a very special thing. Not only is it signed by a professional, it also acts as memorabilia from the big game and all the excitement from the time you had at the game. Memories cannot be replaced!


Jersey Framing Ideas 1. Basic Framed Jersey

The Saints Brees sports jersey framed for protection

If you are looking for simplicity, our basic jersey frame would be the way to go. It is subtle, provides protection and would look great for wall art, whether it be in your home or office!

This type of frame consist of floating the jersey to a backing of sort, framing with the moulding of your choice (Our creative, framing specialist is available to assist with choosing the best moulding for your jersey based on color and style.), then topping it off with the glass of choice.

*Check out our blog on Glass Types (coming soon).


2. Framed, Signed Jersey with Accent Color of Choice

Westbrook signed jersey framing done with a complimentary mat and frame

Adding an accent color, usually the team color, can enhance the look of the frame job tremendously! Colors are huge when it comes to sports. If you are a true sports fanatic, you can have a six sense when it comes to association to teams by color. Add color, its worth it!


3. Frame Your Signed Jersey with Team Emblems, Sports Cards, Highlight Photos and More

Well designed jersey frame that includes photos and badges with special mat cuts HTX Frames

Go all out and have the best looking framed jersey compared to the basics! This is a very special design. Either we can present ideas or you can bring us your custom design and we can reproduce it. This is probably my favorite of them all. I mean... just look at this one compared to the others. Its speaks for itself!


We are always open to ideas and love seeing different ideas and styles. Contact us for all of your jersey framing needs. We can help!

Call/Text: 281-984-1000 or submit an online form. Once received, we will send you a quote for your request.


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