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Express Your Gratitude This Thanksgiving with HTX Frames! Thanksgiving Ideas 2023!

Family portrait framed to use as wall decor during Thanksgiving dinner.
Prepare for Thanksgiving by Framing Your Family Portrait

Thanksgiving is a time for gathering with loved ones, sharing meals, and expressing gratitude for our blessings. It’s a moment where families come together to create and share cherished memories, moments that are captured in the click of a camera, sealing smiles and joy within the confines of a picture. This Thanksgiving, why not bring your family portrait to life by framing it, allowing it to adorn your space and serve as a constant reminder of the love and bond shared amongst your family members?

Located in the heart of Houston, Texas, HTX Frames is your dedicated partner in custom picture framing, committed to encapsulating your treasured moments within beautifully crafted frames. Our experts specialize in transforming your precious family portraits into unique pieces of art that complement your aesthetic and décor, ensuring that every detail is tended to with utmost precision and care.

Why Frame Your Family Portrait For Thanksgiving?

A framed family portrait adds a personal and heartwarming touch to your Thanksgiving décor. It's a visual representation of the family unity and love celebrated during this festive season. When your guests see a beautifully framed portrait, it evokes a sense of togetherness and warmth, setting a cozy and inviting ambiance for your Thanksgiving dinner.

Time is of the Essence!

With the holiday season approaching, it’s prudent to act quickly! HTX Frames prides itself on delivering exceptional quality, and to maintain our high standards, we typically have a four-week turnaround time.

We understand that the Thanksgiving season can be bustling, and perhaps, you might be running a bit behind schedule. Fret not! For those in need of a quicker turnaround, we offer a rush order option for an additional fee, ensuring that your framed masterpiece is ready to grace your walls in time for your Thanksgiving gathering.

How to Place Your Order?

  1. Visit Our Shop: Stop by our shop in Houston, Texas, and explore the myriad of custom framing options available. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will assist you in choosing the perfect frame that harmonizes with your portrait and home décor.

  2. Explore Options: We provide a plethora of framing options, ranging from various materials, colors, and styles, allowing you to customize your frame to your liking.

  3. Secure Your Slot: Given the high demand during the holiday season, we recommend securing your slot as soon as possible to avoid any delays.

Why Choose HTX Frames?

  • Expert Craftsmanship: Our experienced craftsmen meticulously design each frame, ensuring durability, and aesthetic appeal.

  • Quality Materials: We utilize premium quality materials to construct your frame, guaranteeing longevity and preserving your portrait’s integrity.

  • Customer Satisfaction: Your satisfaction is our priority. We strive to exceed your expectations and deliver a product that you’ll love and cherish.

This Thanksgiving, allow HTX Frames to help you showcase your family’s love and unity through a beautifully framed portrait. It’s more than just a decoration; it’s a testament to the enduring bond and memories shared with your loved ones. Act swiftly and secure your custom frame in time for your festive celebrations, bringing a touch of warmth and affection to your Thanksgiving dinner.

Contact us today at HTX Frames to start your framing journey and let your family portrait narrate your story of togetherness and gratitude this Thanksgiving!

📞 (281) 984-1000

📍 804 W Gray Street, Houston, Texas 77019

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